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My collaboration with long-time friend, former client and current Los Angeles resident Don Sheppard has yielded The Dividends of Decency – How Values-Based Leadership Will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America, published by Figure 1 (Vancouver/Berkeley).

Don and I channelled our outrage and disgust with Donald Trump into a message oriented toward business operations based on values, ethics, trust and honesty, four words not often associated with the current White House resident. Chapters and topics include:

  • How the Pursuit of Profit Can Make You Blind – and Maybe Deaf as Well
  • Integrity: The Difference between Leaders and Rulers
  • How Do You Know When You’re Wealthy?
  • Das Auto. Die Dummkopfs

Plus a middle section tracking the fascinating story of Don Sheppard from son of a Sudbury hard-rock miner to California-based philanthropist.

Through it all we concentrated on building a compelling narrative with shocking insights into Trump’s business history and a taste of humor from time to time.

Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters-Indigo and leading independent booksellers.
The Dividends of Decency
Meet Maxine in Muskoka
Murder Among the Pines, released in March 2018, is the newest Maxine Benson mystery. As Police Chief of picturesque Port Ainslie, Max looked forward to solving small-town crimes. But murder keeps cropping up, along with provincial police officers who don’t believe she can handle the job. She handles it well – along with handling officers interested in aspects of Maxine. Much mystery, some fun, and frequent surprises along the way.
A Murder for Max
First in the series. When town bully Billy Edwards is shot in his own garage, few people in Port Ainslie mourn his death. With suspects galore, and a doubting town council expecting her to stumble, new police chief Max sorts out the clues and nails the culprit.
Murder Below Zero
What global warming??!! Port Ainslie is suffering through its coldest spring yet. And when a man’s frozen body is found in a ditch, it sounds like a nasty prank. But it's a real murder, and Max is faced with a real challenge in solving the crime.

If you haven't met Josie yet (And discovered the horror of the body beneath the bridge!) – here's your chance.

"I'd rather laugh in bad taste than cry in good taste."

That’s how Josie Marshall deals with the death of her detective husband, Gabe, found naked outside their home on the beach with a bullet in his brain. Everyone calls it suicide. Josie knows it isn’t . . . but fears it could be. After all, she had provided Gabe with a motive.

But when a horrific slaying occurs literally at her feet, she knows Gabe was murdered, and her determination to prove it carries her toward dark corners of the beach strip and exposes the darker sides of its residents. When a chance remark leads Josie to the astonishing truth of Gabe’s death, her story takes a shocking turn that no one could have seen coming.


"Each new plot wrinkle propels the novel toward the surprising truth about exactly how Gabe died, but Reynolds’ complex heroine is the real star." - QUILL & QUIRE

"Witty, tense and gripping." - PETER ROBINSON

"A tight well-written mystery." - THE GLOBE & MAIL

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Beach Strip

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