John has been called "Canada’s best and busiest ghost-writer" (THE NATIONAL POST). Among the many co-authors and publishers who have drawn on John’s writing and major editing skills:

  • Brian Tobin (All In Good Time - Viking-Penguin )
  • Robert Milton (Straight From The Top – Greystone Press)
  • Robert Herjavec (Driven – HarperCollins)
  • Robert Herjavec (The Will to Win – HarperCollins)
  • Robert Herjavec (You Don't Have to be a Shark – St. Martin's Press)
  • Frank O'Dea (When All You Have Is Hope and Do The Next Right Thing – Viking-Penguin)
  • Buzz Hargrove (Laying It On The Line - HarperCollins)
  • Rick George (Sun Rise: Suncor, the Oil Sands and The Future of Energy – HarperCollins)
  • Alex Caine (Angel Dust – Viking-Penguin)
  • Justin Trudeau (Common Ground – HarperCollins)
  • Wab Kinew (The Reason You Walk - Penguin-Random House)
  • Benjamin Perrin (Invisible Chains – Penguin)
  • Herb Singer (Grab The Wheel and Go! – FriesenPress)

"This book would not have been completed without John’s hard work and dedication, and I admire his diligence and professional skills." - RICK GEORGE in SUN RISE

"Hope, patience and persistence are the hallmark of John’s writing… John was able to capture my feelings and communicate in such a beautiful way that which I was trying to say." - FRANK O’DEA in WHEN ALL YOU HAVE IS HOPE

"I cannot think of a nicer person than John to spend a year with while discussing my views and values." -

The Will to Win
Sun Rise Hope All In Good Time Angel dust Grab the wheel and go

To discuss a writing project employing John's vast experience and success contact:

Hilary McMahon, Executive Vice-President, Westwood Creative Artists. 416-964-3302 Or write her at hilary@wcaltd.com

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